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We weren’t sure exactly what we wanted to do with our back yard and pool renovation when we called Nev to come out and have a look at it for us. We’d seen one very impressive example of his work at a house we had visited the previous week, so decided to see what ideas he had.

Immediately upon meeting Nev, we knew we were on a winner. We could see his mind ticking over with possibilities, and whilst he asked us plenty of questions about what we were after, he was throwing ideas back at us at the same time.

Nev was clearly excited about the project, and his enthusiasm was infectious. We immediately agreed to sign Nev up for the design work, and it wasn’t long before pencil concepts started arriving in our in-box.

Nev also arranged for a satellite survey to be done of the entire block to get all the levels accurately mapped, and another underground survey of pipes, cables etc – things we’d never have thought of ourselves.

In addition, we were having trouble resolving some design issues with our kitchen renovation, and after mentioning this to Nev in conversation, he asked to have a look. Within 24 hours he had resolved the problems we were having, even though it was outside his brief.

The whole process from discussion to concept to design was a very enjoyable one, and quite painless. Nev has a true designer’s eye and the result is as much a work of art as it is functional. At the same time, Nev was always happy to take on board our likes and dislikes and any ideas we had, so we always felt we were part of the creative process.

The total design package that Nev produced was quite extraordinary, and he had gone well beyond the original brief, so the investment was money very well spent and terrific value. 
After the designs were complete, Nev kept tabs on the actual work being undertaken by the subcontractors (whom he recommended), which was very comforting as our knowledge is pretty limited.

Two things I’d like to say to conclude: Nev Cox is a very nice and sincere man, and quite apart from the work he’s done we consider him now a friend; and secondly, a warning – Nev’s ideas and designs are so good, and his enthusiasm so catching, that you may decide to go way over budget to make the dream a reality…but we promise you won’t regret it.

Peter and Caz Game
30 July, 2014

The Gap - Brisbane...

Neville's advice and help in renovating our already existing pool, has been invaluable.  The contractors he suggested we used have been exceptional.  Prompt, thorough and extremely professional. Explaining each stage in the process in detail, and ensuring we were across it all.  Always cleaned up, protected other areas in the yard and garden, and were very pleasant to have working on the property. Their attention to detail was laying down black plastic to protect existing paths and steps.

We are very grateful to Neville for his expertise and knowledge in this area.

Mick and Barbara Dunne 

9th July 2015

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Call Neville Cox on 0413 708 844 ...and tap into over 30 years of hard won experience in the swimming pool & landscaping industry.

We can arrange for an inspection of your site anywhere in Australia, we may even be able to design without visiting the site if enough details are provided by your surveyor along with supporting photos.

Because you own the plans, you can get accurate quotes from builders and our clients often save thousands of dollars in the process. And think of the extra value added to your home because of our great design ideas!

We have designed pool areas that have won over 80 Awards for our clients to date, both with SPASA and HIA.

One of our designs was showcased in Jamie Durie's TV Show 'Australia's Best Back Yards' and it made the top 2 finalists on the last night of the show! And the other finalist has since then worked with me providing valuable services to my clients in his specialist field of tropical planting, together we have created some magnificent gardens

If you would like me to check out your backyard and help you to see the possibilities, why not book a site overview appointment, our fee for this service is very reasonable, and on that visit we can determine if our full service would suit you. If it doesn't there is no further obligation, but you will get some great ideas from that meeting regardless of choosing to further our business relationship or not. And if you live outside South East Queensland, we can still visit your site if the project warrants it.

Of course, it is completely up to you if you choose to go further with our choice of services, but if you are contemplating to put in a seriously good swimming pool area, it will be well worth your while to have a no obligation chat.